Initial Product Launch Begins Generating Sales and a New Income Stream

March 19, 2018 / Nexus Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: NXES) announces the formation and launch of a new e-commerce division in a strategic initiative to create significant new revenue streams that capitalize on institutional expertise in the areas of analytics and targeted marketing. The company has debuted its first products online resulting in strong initial sales, validating the major upside of this new initiative.

As its core legacy business of lead generation brokerage continues to produce steady revenues, it has also provided Nexus with key insights into business trends and markets ripe for entry. The metrics obtained indicate ongoing downward pricing pressures will continue to be exerted upon large scale lead generation businesses while advantageous sales margins remain steady in e-commerce in the successful arbitrage and branding of consumer products.

Nexus CEO James Bayardelle stated, "The key to the future growth of Nexus is maximizing our inherent skill in using data analytics for marketing and sales. Marketing intelligence is how you 'follow the money' to identify trends based on customer demand. Our company is now leveraging our insights into consumer behavior to identify opportunity gaps in consumer products we can brand and sell in multi-channel online platforms."

Following months of research and development, Nexus launched its first product line in the foods category using Amazon (AMZN) as its sales platform. Immediate sales validated the strength of the category chosen and the product developed. Based on these initial results, inventories are being increased to satisfy demand and new products in additional categories are in active development.

The maturation of giant consumer sales and social media platforms has converged with a democratization of cloud-based services to usher in a new era of rapid company formation and product development. This flattening effect combined with supply chains for product sourcing and manufacturing made accessible to anyone, as found on Alibaba (BABA), has lowered the barriers to entry in most consumer markets. Concurrent with these open field opportunities, the challenge of differentiating vendor products from a proliferation of market offerings will grow.

The ability to leverage consumer data to identify trends, target customers, and generate new and recurring sales is why many professional marketers have expanded from purely information-based business models to product development. Though data collection has exploded, the ability of many businesses to make intelligent use of it remains in its infancy and astute marketing teams are actively exploiting their advantages in the e-commerce space. And while retail arbitrage in staples and commodity products remain a viable avenue for sales generation, unique branding is now the primary strategy for successful product launches and sustainable sales.

"The e-commerce space is enormous, growing, and very fluid. This new era of instant product development and branding will favor those groups with advanced data analytical skills, targeted marketing abilities, and high-speed to market product development cycles. Creating economic moats through successful branding is measured now not by overall market recognition alone, but relative to the size of the market. With hundreds of billions of dollars of consumer spending up for grabs every year, even new small brands now generate millions in revenues."

"Based on early results, we are confident the entry of Nexus into e-commerce is a major growth opportunity that can generate healthy returns for our shareholders," said CEO James Bayardelle. "With our marketing expertise, we can navigate all major platforms and sales and marketing channels to host products and drive traffic through media buys and organic presence while developing our own unique website domains. Nexus holds a significant competitive advantage in the segmentation of massive consumer datasets to refine our sales targeting criteria on platforms like Google (GOOG) and Facebook (FB) which will enable us to scale each validated product. As we build our brands to increase sales and profits, their asset value will add to the company's intrinsic net worth as well. Our entry into e-commerce is highly proactive in nature as opposed to merely being a reactive quest for income. It represents to us our biggest opportunity to date and a perfect fit for our existing skills and capabilities."


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Nexus Competitive Advantages Yielding Significant Gains in Lead Conversion Rates

February 2, 2018 / Nexus Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: NXES) reports its commitment to implementing state of the art predictive analytics and consumer engagement technologies are producing the advantages required for enhanced client results and continued success in an increasingly competitive lead generation marketplace.

Central to the role Nexus plays in the lead generation space is the company's brokerage exchange that automates thousands of daily transactions that connects buyers and sellers of consumer leads. The Unique Selling Proposition of Nexus was built upon unique data validation methodologies which selectively filter for higher quality leads. The Nexus Exchange Platform continues to evolve to adapt to changes in lead acquisition behavior in the insurance sector, the increased role of artificial intelligence and changes in consumer behavior.

Nexus CEO James Bayardelle stated, ''The large insurance companies we provide quality leads to require increasingly refined targeting techniques to identify and convert new customers. There is a strong demand for middleware companies with the domain expertise to handle large volumes of transactions based on real-time analysis of massive data sets. Nexus has enhanced its platform with the latest advances in machine learning resulting in definitive accuracy gains in lead scoring.''

The Nexus artificial intelligence initiative entails access to massive data sets and real-time analysis by machine learning algorithms. This data pool encompasses the entire consumer population with thousands of data variables analyzed. Adding a machine learning layer to the lead selection filtering and decision making process has produced significant improvements in conversion probability analysis. These accuracy gains have resulted in key Nexus clients increasing the volume of their purchases due to definitive increases in lead quality.

In 2017, Nexus successfully deployed these platform improvements to transition to a greater emphasis on the Health Insurance sector where sales margins are highly favorable and the marketplace is more open to competition. As a result of this emphasis, third quarter sales showed a sustained significant increase.

Nexus has invested in a dedicated team of programming personnel to leverage its institutional experience in lead aggregation and brokerage and offer the latest advances in real-time analytics. With engineering staff who have built core technologies at companies like Facebook (FB), Nexus is staying current with evolving consumer behaviors that favor frictionless, automated transactions over human interactions. The use of bot technologies to effectively transition leads to client call centers are another way Nexus continues to provide cutting-edge value to its end users.

''We believe Nexus is on the threshold of definitive revenue growth due to our commitment to technology and our hard earned know-how. As we access greater volumes of data, we become adaptively more intelligent and we have the skills to process that information profitably,'' said CEO James Bayardelle. ''Nexus is committed to building shareholder value. We intend to make 2018 the year we turn the corner into sustained profitability. Our vision definitely includes being listed on the NASDAQ exchange as revenue growth bolsters our ability to finance the listing fees and the higher maintenance costs that come from being on the NASDAQ exchange.''

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Company’s Investment in Artificial Intelligence Is Rapidly Transforming How Consumers Purchase Insurance

December 5, 2017 / Nexus Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (NXES) announced its integration of Bot Technology into its online insurance marketing and sales services providing its portfolio of major insurance carriers and extensive sales agent network with an opportunity to create more efficient, higher performing sales  channels.  

CEO James Bayardelle stated, “we’re investing in this technology to create an opportunity for carriers and agencies to engage with customers further down the sales funnel, which helps reduce typical soft costs associated with engaging the consumers to issue a quote. “

Bots utilize Artificial Intelligence to communicate with people, much the way a person would. Whether it be through normal calling, texting or any other platform, data on consumer-based Bot performance has been so compelling that companies such as Facebook (FB) and Apple (AAPL) have created a special APIs to allow for BOT technology, like the one being utilized by Nexus, through their Messenger and iMessage systems respectively.

Nexus will be using the BOT software to engage customers looking for insurance and then transferring the consumer to a licensed agent (if the customer wishes to bind a policy) as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model, where larger carriers and agencies can utilize the software in the place of agents dialing out to consumers. 

“With over 80% of consumers no longer wanting to initially speak with agents to get an insurance quote, our new Bot Messaging Software allows us to not only reduce carrier and agency costs, but also meets the current demand of consumers looking to find the best insurance options, whether it be their Auto, Home or Health insurance” said CEO James Bayardelle.  “When compared to the fintech revolution, the insurance industry has been a late adopter of BOT technology so it’s exciting to see these same, transformative technologies now moving the insurance industry into the age of Artificial Intelligence.”


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