Nexus Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: NXES) is a technology company setting new standards of quality and innovation for B2B big data management with a focus on the lead generation marketplace. The rapid ascent of Nexus as one of the primary providers of qualified leads for the nation's largest insurance companies has been driven by its NexChange Marketplace, one of the only viable enterprise-level platforms for managing the supply chain between lead sources and their buyers in the rapidly consolidating lead generation industry.

Having already secured a reputation as having the highest quality leads for the Auto Insurance sector, Nexus is expanding into new verticals with a move into Life Insurance already in progress. With its primary build-out expenditures made, Nexus is now positioned to leverage its lower fixed infrastructure costs and current rapid revenue growth to clone their services in a succession of additional lucrative verticals, including Health Insurance, Home Renters Insurance, Payday Loans and Educational Institutions.

Nexus correctly assessed having the intermediary technology to properly track and allocate leads with a full suite of data-analysis tools would be required to survive the consolidation of the lead generation industry. The difficulty and resources required to engineer these solutions forced out dozens of smaller players. Nexus is now poised to capitalize on this as one of the last companies standing in an industry with explosive ongoing growth.