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Nexus Enterprise Solutions (OTCQB: NXES) is a publicly traded company providing big data technology solutions focused on B2B lead generation services for major national brands. 

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We Know Big Data

As the challenges of data management increase, major companies demand sophisticated solutions for qualifying their lead data.

The NexChange Marketplace platform processes millions of bits of data and manages the whole customer acquisition process from lead capture to verification, list segmentation and data distribution.

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We Make Data Clean

Lead sellers need to sell to a reputable intermediary.

Lead buyers require a reliable intermediary to validate those leads.

We have mastered the complexities of identity verification, fraud prevention and data quality control.  

Nexus tracks and distributes clean lead data to multiple parties from start to finish with zero redundancies.


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We Hit Your Targets

Nexus increases the efficiency of every partner we work with. We make hitting your targets and meeting your financial goals a reality.

Our ability to constantly calibrate our data stream to meet clients specifications has made Nexus the go-to company for those who who demand high quality lead prospects at the right price.